(︎︎︎) C/ Ramon Turró 100, 2-2, 08005, Barcelona

Luis Eslava

(︎︎︎) @luiseslavastudio

Luis Eslava founder of Luis Eslava Studio, combines his professional practice with his position at Elisava as Head of Product Design in undergraduate programs as well as Tutor in Master and Postgraduate programs. He focuses his research and development on the creative process, the materiality of objects and the bridge between craftsmanship and industrial processes. He approaches design from an integral point of view. For him, a designer must be able to propose a wide range of solutions. Rethink everyday life. This is the reason why we address global projects, while we are involved in all the productive stages. After studying at the Royal College of Art in London, his work experience at Camper and a time living in Japan, Luis established his studio in 2007. Award winning experience in lighting design, collaborating with lighting companies such as Lzf Lamps, ephemeral spaces, ROJO Show London and NYC, co-curation of exhibitions, with Nani Marquina, interior design for Velcro worldwide, food Design collaborating with chef Andreu Genestra from El Bulli School, design director of Mam Originals Jewelry and creative director Pott Project.


As citizens of the world, we have a responsibility to our environment: to coexist, cooperate and respect everything that surrounds us; as citizen-designers our responsibility is even greater, we are a tool for transformation, for change. Our actions as designers have an impact on what surrounds us. We believe in the figure of the designer as a catalyst for change and evolution. We bring together design & entrepreneurship.